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Scroll down the list of blood tests to find the questions and answers about the blood tests and information about interpreting blood test results such as the CEA, HCG, hemoglobin, amylase, and CBC. Select the test and click the "View Blood Test Questions":

Blood tests are done to help make a medical diagnosis.


Symptoms generally lead to blood tests and radiographs, depending on the situation. Blood tests are a key step in the evaluation. Blood tests interpretation should be done by a medical professional.

The normal values for blood tests can be different from lab to lab. Blood tests can have false positives and false negatives. Interpretation of blood tests takes knowledge of the underlying disease process and experience.

Blood tests should be interpreted by health care providers. Sometimes blood tests need to be confirmed if there is a question about the reliability of the result. Flash-Med is a resource for questions and answers about blood tests.

Learn about the significance of abnormal blood tests and interpreting blood test results.

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